Compliance and risk management

    Tessi follows a global approach as a provider of core outsourced services, driven by the challenges of new technologies and regulations that require digital transformation and outsourcing.

  • Conformité réglementaire

    Regulatory compliance

    • We have a division dedicated to operations, quality and compliance
    • We undertake constant monitoring of developments in regulations: Basel III, Solvency 2, DSP2, etc.
    • A risk management approach with measures to limit them
    • An approach for certifying solutions and processing centres
    • Continuous inspection of the quality of customer services
  • Traçabilité et confiance numérique

    Traceability and digital trust

    • Compliance with the ISO 14641 and NF Z42-020 standards on electronic archiving
    • XaDES and eIDAS electronic signature services
    • Tier III+, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified data centre architecture
    • QUALICERT labelled hosted services
  • Travaux et expertises normatives

    Standardised expertise and work

    • AFNOR CN171 and TC171 ISO standardisation commissions for archiving,
    • Participation in FNTC work on accurate copies,
    • An active member of e-Futura, the SEPA club, and AFNOR and ISO Commissions.
"Driven by the strict pressure of regulations for banking, insurance and the health sector, our approach as a provider of core outsourced services allows us to manage the risks inherent to the services operated in many business sectors."

Bertrand Coumert  -  Director of Operations, Ethics and Compliance