Consulting and Projects

    Key expertise and an offer to guide your business lines in transforming electronic payment, payment services, governing data, data management and communication with customers.

  • Electronic payment and payment services

    Electronic payment and payment services

    • Studies for new electronic payment serves and front-office work
    • Regulatory monitoring and guidance on ensuring compliance
    • Preventing fraud and money laundering
    • Integrating SEPA solutions and associated services
    • Assistance with the implementation of Wallet and new payment services
  • Governing data and data management

    Governing data and data management

    • Check-up of the mail room and assistance with transformation
    • Technical specifications for the implementation of ECM, EDM and Case Management solutions
    • Legal and technical assistance in choosing a solution for electronic archiving for legal purposes
  • Digital transformation of communication with customers

    Digital transformation of communication with customers

    • Transforming management documents in a multichannel media space
    • Rationalising the resources dedicated to documentary production
    • Customer Communication Management Strategy (CCM) for Customer Experience Divisions
  • Expertise and resources

    Expertise and resources

    • 70 expert consultants distributed across the whole of Europe
    • Studies, audits and consultancy, technological and regulatory monitoring
    • Professional and technological project management, assistance with project management
    • Organisation and project management
    • Assistance with change and training
  • GDPR regulatory compliance

    GDPR regulatory compliance

    • GDPR awareness and training
    • GDPR preparedness diagnosis
    • Process mapping
    • Impact analysis for processing that is classified as « sensitive »
    • System deployment

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"The digital transformation of a company’s processes and payment services involves choices that go beyond the solutions and tools. Our consultants guide business line managers every day in redefining their challenges, the choice and the deployment of the appropriate solutions and in developing their organisations and the expertise of the users"

Jean-Luc Vecchio  -  CEO GDOC, Consulting and Projects Division