Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

    As a responsible company, we are fully committed to the actions imposed by a clear sustainable development policy

  • Responsabilité économique

    Economic responsibility

    • We have a policy of transparent financial communication,
    • We offer solutions and services that are in keeping with a philosophy of “quality and ethics”,
    • Compliance with local and international regulations
    • We are actively engaged in preventing corruption.
  • Responsabilité sociale

    Social responsibility

    • Respect for human rights and employment law,
    • Equal opportunities and non-discrimination,
    • Social dialogue and keeping employees informed,
    • Maintaining good working conditions in terms of health and safety.
  • Politique RH « durable »

    A “sustainable” HR policy

    • We always recruit from the areas where we are located,
    • We recruit and train employees with little or no qualifications,
    • We assist senior employees returning to work,
    • We help local authorities to develop by creating unqualified jobs in small and medium sized towns.
  • Responsabilité environnementale

    Environmental Responsibility

    • Reducing the environmental impact of our activities (CO2 emissions, etc.),
    • Optimised management of natural resources,
    • The company car fleet is kept as small as possible,
    • A recycling approach is used for the computer and production pool,
    • We recycle paper and reduce printing by favouring email,
    • We use electronic invoicing for supplier invoices with EDM validation.
"As a player in the digital transformation of companies, Tessi innovates in online subscriptions, electronic payments and electronic registered mail, to offer compliant solutions that have a great impact on protecting the environment."

Frédérique Duffaud-Domergue  -  Sustainable Development Officer