Information System Security

    Putting governing data security at the heart of services to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data

  • Gouvernance de la sécurité de l’information

    Governing data security

    • A Division specifically dedicated to Information System Security
    • An approach for mapping the risks and the factors required to control them
    • Continuous checking of the quality of customer services
    • Continuous checking to ensure an optimal level of confidentiality, integrity and availability for services
  • Un niveau de sécurité sous pilotage quotidien

    A security level that is controlled daily

    • Data classification and risk analysis,
    • State of the art access management and physical security,
    • Secure architectures: “Double air-lock”, filtering, intrusion prevention, resilience,
    • Data encryption, security of traces, vulnerability tests,
    • Regular awareness raising for participants, etc.
  • Une disponibilité assurée

    Guaranteed availability

    • Data centres with synchronous replication, for a high level of availability
    • Appropriate business continuity systems (BCP-BRP) that are regularly tested
    • A safeguarding policy that optimises restoration time
    • An agile offer to guide companies, regardless of the security required
"Because there can be no sustainable growth without sustainable confidence, data security is behind all of the decisions that Tessi takes regarding our customers’ projects. The Information System Security Division develops this culture and includes it in all of the customer processes, pursuant to the ISO 27001 standard."

Patrick Peillon  -  Information System Security Director