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Solutions and services that meet professional needs

Assistance digitale et valorisation des services client

Customer relations

Multichannel customer relations, digital customer pathway, 360° customer vision, etc. Tessi Documents Services helps you to reinvent your vision of the customer experience.

Digitising customer processes naturally creates distance, which result in a more complex relationship. Tessi Documents Services is a different kind of partner, capable of offering a front-to-back approach to your customer processes, where digital...
Automatisation des chaînes Order to Cash et Procure to Pay

Finances and treasury

From electronic invoicing and e-payment to banking communication, Tessi ensures and secures the digital transformation of financial and treasury exchanges.

In France, the Macron Act and the arrival of new electronic payment services are speeding the schedule for changing companies’ financial processes. Tessi Documents Services provides compliant solutions for digitising the Order to Cash and...
Bulletins de paie électronique et services RH 3.0

Human Resources

Tessi RH assists your Human Resources department with the digital transformation of their processes, whilst smoothing relationships with employees.

In France, the legal framework governing the digitisation of payslips has boosted companies’ interest in digitising their HR documents. Tessi RH offers you a hosted services platform to allow you to gradually digitise your activities and...
Sécurisation de la transformation digitale des métiers

Information Systems

Big data, mobility, data confidentiality, etc. Tessi Documents Services is always innovating to assist Information Systems Divisions with their new challenges.

Information Systems Divisions are working ever more closely with the management structures of other business lines to offer them agile answers to their company’s need for digital transformation. Tessi Documents Services can offer them its...
Innovation, nouveaux services, nouveaux médias

Marketing and digital

Tessi Documents Services assists Chief Digital Officers in the strategy for adding value through new technologies.

Marketing Departments or new Digital Departments are tasked with implementing new services to facilitate digital uses. Tessi Documents Services helps them to innovate and orchestrate the transformation of processes with the business departments,...
Industrialisation des traitements, productivité des services

Organisation and back office

Tessi Documents Services' BPO services provide answers that comply with regulatory frameworks and are focussed on your professional objectives.

Managers of back office activities are looking for ways to increase the productivity of their departments and to automate inspections. As an expert in sectors where the excellence of back office functions is essential, the breadth of Tessi’s...
Dématérialisation des relations fournisseurs

Purchasing and central services

Managing orders, supplier invoices, reference systems, mail services, etc. Tessi Documents Services digitises your purchasing process and central services.

By personalising its services and solutions in a pragmatic manner, Tessi Documents Services provides all of the answers to offer a close fit with the concerns of purchasing departments and interdepartmental services. Controlling costs and the...