Women and men committed to working with their customers

    Working at Tessi Documents Services means sharing our founding values, which our employees apply every day with the sole aim of satisfying our customers.

  • être orienté client

    Being customer focussed

    • Listening to needs
    • Understanding challenges
    • Guiding
    • Customer satisfaction
  • Agir efficacement

    Acting efficiently

    • Industrialising processes
    • Modernising structures
    • Compliant services
    • Certified solutions
  • Se nourrir de la réalité du terrain

    Growing through the reality in the field

    • Expertise in our customers’ business lines
    • Regulatory monitoring
    • Front-to-Back expertise
    • Customer information system
  • Communiquer simplement

    Communicating simply

    • Clear offering
    • Transparent discussions
    • Sharing success
    • Using tools
  • Développer les talents

    Developing talents

    • Developing skills
    • Recruiting experts
    • Individual and collective motivation
    • Opportunities for growth
  • Oser en entreprendre

    Daring and entrepreneurship

    • Technological innovation
    • International development
    • Creativity and pragmatism
    • Finding solutions