Bespoke offers that correspond exactly with regulations

E-administration et nouveaux services aux usagers

Administrations and local authorities

Citizen portal, e-services for users, electronic invoicing, new payment services, electronic files for citizens.

French governmental initiatives to encourage e-administration and cost reductions are obliging public services and local authorities to adapt their management procedures and to open new channels for delivering services to...
E-banking, M-banking et productivité front-to-back


New payment services, multichannel customer pathways, front to back optimisation, KYC, big data archiving

Whilst most financial institutions are converting to digital technologies, FinTechs are appearing as potential competitors as stakeholders in building the bank of future.   As a long-term partner of this sector, Tessi...
Services connectés et personnalisation

Commerce and distribution

Digitising the act of purchase, loyalty programmes, promotional operations, contactless payment

Consumers are requiring greater proximity, additional services and multiple access all throughout their purchasing route, on-line or off-line. Beyond new offers or new services, integrating the connected customer and digitisation into...
Digitalisation de la Supply chain


Competition with emerging countries, quality and safety requirements, globalisation of demand

The information system for industrial companies is based around ERP and their capacity to integrate all of the participants in the supply chain, in order to face up to major challenges: competition from emerging countries, quality and safety...
Relation client omnicanal et conformité des actes

Insurance, health cover providers, retirement funds

Solvency II, The French Eckert Act, KYC and preventing fraud, front to back optimisation of processes

Multichannel solutions are now essential. This means insurers, health cover providers and retirement funds must develop new services, based on mobile devices and connected objects. However, going digital does not exclude the strict duties for...
Fluidité des échanges et conformité des actes

Real Estate

Requests for housing, notice of deadlines, reports from General Meetings, collections

The real estate sector must confront major challenges related, on the one hand to issuing, the management and the conservation of a varied body of documentation regarding deeds and the transactions performed, on the other hand, major legal...
Fidélisation et assistance digitale

Telecoms and the power sector

Digital assistance, bespoke customer service, simplified customer pathways, activating automated offers

Consumers are ever more aware, mobile, digital and demanding. They want a unique contact person and expect to be recognised as customers, throughout their relationship with their supplier. The digital transformation of customer relations must...