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Outsource the processing of your cheque flow
Traitement externalisé des flux chèques

Outsource the processing of your cheque flow

Optimisation, security, compliance

In spite of the regular decrease in the use of cheques and the increasing use of other payment services, cheques still represent a large volume of payments. As a long-term partner of the banking sector, Tessi offers an optimised solution for processing all of the most popular payment methods in France.

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Extérnalisation back-office chèques

Outsource the cheques back office

Lower costs and ensure that your transactions are compliant

The processing of cheques by banks involves several interconnected transactions that are regulated, which means a fixed back office load. Tessi's services offer expertise to make the costs variable and increase productivity, whilst staying in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Remise de chèques via smartphone

Pay in cheques with a smartphone

Saving time and giving the bank a modern image

Tessi SCANTOPAY mobile is an innovative solution for paying in cheques using a smartphone. It is an economical method that allows banks to lighten the load for processing in branches. For the user, it offers a flexible service that is quick and secure as part of the new mobile banking practices.

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