Documentary management

From multichannel capturing to electronic archiving of content and data

Multichannel capturing and digitisation
automatise la capture des flux électroniques

Multichannel capturing and digitisation

Convergence, traceability and compliance for incoming flows

Letters, SMS, e-mails, online forms, calls, etc. There are an ever greater number of communication media. For quick and functional operation by professional applications there is only one solution: industrialisation. Tessi Document automates the capture of incoming paper or electronic flows, manages traceability and ensures the compliance of processing.

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GED de workflow documentaire de Case Management et d'archivage électronique

EDM, workflow and case management

Sharing information, automated processes

Professional needs for the automation of processes and sharing information are developing. Tessi Docubase is the benchmark on the EDM and content management solutions market. It optimises business productivity by combining the functions of document management, work flow, case management and electronic archiving.

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Archivage électronique ECM et Big Data

Electronic archiving, ECM and Big Data

Secure data, accessible information

To make the most of Big Data, the constraints imposed by storing data and archiving content must be overcome. Tessi Data Content manages huge quantities of data, whilst ensuring high availability. Its data processing technologies allow you to feed your predictive analysis tools.

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