100% electronic registered mail

100% electronic

registered mail

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Managing registered letters is complex and costly, which can cause a real issue for companies. Tessi Post LRE allows you to send fully digitised registered mail that complies with the regulations in force. An opportunity to limit costs and improve the security and traceability of your sensitive documents.

  • Compliant with the French law of 13 March 2000 and Decree No. 2011 – 144
  • Time stamping, electronic acknowledgement of receipt, electronic signature
  • Electronic archiving for legal purposes
  • Recovery via the postal line in the event of non-delivery by the electronic service
  • A specific online portal for distribution and monitoring for the sender
  • Online portal for reception and consultation for the recipient
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  • Security and traceability for the most sensitive flows
  • Elimination of franking costs and consumables
  • Fast distribution, information is immediately available
  • Responsiveness and improvement in processing times
  • An environmentally friendly approach that reduces your carbon footprint.
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Functions and uses

Authentication, submission and processing

Login to an online portal, submission of an electronic registered mail by the sender, processing of the documents on the Tessi Post server.


The sender's electronic signature

A certificate is used to apply the electronic signature: ensuring the identity of the sender and the integrity of the document.


Archiving for legal purposes

Transfer and provision of the electronic registered mail in an electronic archiving system with legal value.


Notification to the recipient

Notice is sent immediately to the recipient and compliance with the anonymity of the sender, pursuant to the legal framework.


Collection of the document by the recipient

The recipient is identified on the www.mon-recommande-electronique.com portal then signed using a one-off SMS code and a password.


Time stamping and archiving

Each event is time stamped and supporting documents are kept using an electronic archiving system with legal value.


Recovery by the postal line

Option available only for documents that are not claimed or that cannot be distributed by electronic means.


Online consultation and monitoring

Accessible 24/7 using an online portal to consult the document sent and monitor the stages of sending and receipt.


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100% electronic registered mail

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