EN_Solution courrier pour le secteur immobilier

Solution courrier pour

le secteur immobilier

EN_Solution courrier pour le secteur immobilier

Correspondence relating to the co-owners' property manager activities and real estate management are time consuming and represent a major source of costs. Tessi POST Immo allows you to outsource all your professional mailing whilst complying with your filing obligations and your legal deadlines. You reduce your franking costs and increase productivity.

  • Automating sending notice of General Meetings and minutes
  • Managing and producing any other professional flows: calls for funds, notice of deadlines, etc.
  • Multichannel distribution: traditional mail, text message, email or electronic registered mail
  • Dedicated and secure industrial publishing chain
  • ISO 14641 compliant electronic archiving for legal purposes
  • Regulatory compliance
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  • 15% to 20% reduction in processing and franking costs
  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 50% savings with electronic registered mail
  • Managing returns for recommended mail
  • Security and traceability for every emission
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Functions and uses

Capturing documents to be processed

Capturing from your professional application using a dedicated online portal that is accessible 24/7.


Preparing documents

Preparing and assembling documents including stapling, quality control and approval of the production options before mailing.


Processing the received documents

Reception of flows on the server, bulking and batching for postal dispatching.


Multichannel distribution

Printing, enveloping with verification of the integrity and completeness, franking and posting.


Management of returns

A service to manage acknowledgement of receipts and undelivered registered letters, statistical reporting for email and SMS campaigns.


Archiving for legal purposes

Electronic archiving for legal purposes for sensitive documents (summons to GM) or according to your legal obligations.


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Solution courrier pour le secteur immobilier

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