Outsourcing your professional back office

Outsourcing your professional

back office

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Being able to focus your resources on your professional area of expertise and on innovation are essential levers for your company's development. Outsource your back office activities to Tessi so that you can properly allocate your resources, whilst benefiting from increased productivity, ensured compliance and the increased expertise in your business lines.

  • Total or partial coverage of the activities of your professional back office
  • Coordination of the technological, human and logistics resources and BCP
  • More than 2,000 experts from the bank, insurance, health cover providers, health care sectors, etc.
  • Certifications, audits and a core outsourced services provider focused methodology
  • The services can be performed on a Tessi site in France or on the customer’s site of course
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  • 20 to 25% increase in productivity
  • 20 to 30% reduction in processing costs
  • Flexible management to allows for peaks in activity and regulatory developments
  • Data security and compliance of processing
  • A lever for modernising and digitally transforming business processes
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Functions and uses

Banking back office

Granting credits, managing estates, opening accounts, managing accounts Shares & Saving, cheques back office, mobile banking, etc.


Back office for Insurers Health Cover Providers

Unclaimed files and inactive accounts, opening accounts, managing life insurance portfolios, managing claims, etc.


Health Care, Providential, Retirement funds back office

Settlement of health care and providential fees, "Usine retraite" project retirement fund migrations, compliance of responsible contracts, annual declarations,


Finance, Treasury back office

Collections, clearing and reconciliation, debt recovery, annual declarations, managing portfolios, etc.


Human back office

Managing employee records, inputting pay data, annual social declarations, etc.


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