Invoice clearing and reconciliation

Invoice clearing

and reconciliation

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After the collection phase, reconciling of invoicing and the payments recorded is a task that is hard to manage. Tessi automates processing through a multi-payment method clearing solution and direct updating of the company's information system.

  • Configuration and compliance matrix
  • Integrating the customer invoice repositories
  • Self-learning and recording the solution
  • Collaborative work flow for real-time visibility and exhaustiveness
  • Multichannel management and multiple means of payment (bank transfers, cheques, bank drafts)
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  • Between 88 and 95% of collections posted
  • Greater control of expenses
  • Better management of resources and limiting
  • Traceability and security of flows
  • Standardisation of accounting processes
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Functions and uses

Reception of the flows

Centralisation of the reception of all the flows: emails, paper, fax, files for payments received (cheques, bank transfers, bank drafts).


Automated reconciliation of payments

Integration of reference base of invoices open with the creditor. A reconciliation algorithm that can be configured according to management rules.


Manual matching of payments

Analysis and manual clearing of collections that are not reconciled. Identification of rejects.


Collaborative work flow and consultation

Customer portal to view the payments processed and identification of the uncleared payments.


Export of the accounting file

Preparation of an accounting file with the results of clearing, exported to the customer. The data is enriched for subsequent processing.


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