Small creditors collection solution

Small creditors

collection solution


Tessi SCANTOPAY Office is a turnkey solution that is simple and secure. It digitises and automates the paying in of cheques, from recording right up to banking, for quick processing and increasing the speed of collection.

  • All-in-a-box solution: scanner connected to the Internet, application in SaaS mode Digitisation, backing and automatic reading of the amount and the CMC7 code
  • Inspections, online data entry and reconciliation of invoices
  • Export of the TLMC file to the bank Traceability, monitoring and online access to data and images
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  • Increasing the speed of collections: reception and banking on the same day
  • 50% time savings by reducing manual processing
  • Increased security and traceability
  • No maintenance constraints and small space required
  • Easy to use, many functions, with additional functions available on optioncarte
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Functions and uses

Connection to the scanner

Connection to the Internet.


Configuration of the application

Reception of logins by email. Connection of the Tessi SCANTOPAY Office application to the Internet and initial configuration.


Digitisation of payments

Digitisation of batches of cheques and banking. Automatic signing on the back of cheques.


Ensuring the accuracy of the scanned documents

Automated reading of the documents using the A2IA engine. Unrecognised documents are checked manually using an online application.


Clearing of invoices and cheques.

The invoice file is imported for automatic or manual clearing. The reconciled file is created to be exported for accounting purposes.


Electronic banking

A TLMC file is automatically exported to the creditor's bank.


Viewing the scanned documents

Archiving and online multi-criteria searches to view and print the payments processed.


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Small creditors collection solution

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