The compliance and completeness of files

The compliance

and completeness of files

The compliance and completeness of files

Credits, claims, subscriptions, first contact, etc. Creating customer files requires strict regulatory or professional controls. Tessi's Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services ensure productivity and flawless compliance for the processing of your files.

  • A platform for the multichannel capture and collection of documents
  • Automated controls through accessing the regulatory and professional reference bases
  • Full traceability of processed and rejected files
  • A regular audit and quality control system
  • Outsource the services to Tessi or keep them on your premises
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  • Files are secure, verified and compliant
  • Increase back office productivity by 25%
  • Processing rejects and anomalies
  • Allow your teams to focus on complex files
  • Greater customer satisfaction
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Functions and uses

Multichannel capturing and collection of documents

Documents for the file can be collected in paper or electronic format. Capture at the source via an online, mobile, email or centralised portal.


Checking the completeness of files

Verification that all the required documents are present and checking their type.


Verification of compliance

Checking the consistency and the validity of each of the documents included in the file, with regard to the service subscribed to or the requester.


Validation of the compliant files

The compliant files are exported to the EDM to be activated by the department in the back office, then sent for electronic archiving.


Processing rejects

Analysing and classifying the reported anomalies. Notification by e-mail or SMS according to the type of anomaly for information purposes or for further process


Control and monitoring

Reporting production and detailed management statistics to help with decision making and adjustment.


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