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Management Assistance

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Improving your competitiveness means digitising your processes and your content. The challenge is to improve your customers' experience, whilst optimising the efficiency of your back office resources. Tessi come to your assistance by putting our advanced Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to the service of your business priorities.

  • Expression of needs for EDM, case management, electronic archiving
  • Implementing the associated technical solutions
  • Legal-technical assistance in choosing a legally valid archiving solution
  • Defining a digital filing plan (Arcateg method)
  • Audit of your mail room and assistance for the digital transformation
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  • Free up your staff for tasks with greater added value
  • Give your teams inspiring digital means
  • Make your choices secure thanks to our legal-technical experts
  • Make the most of hybrid pathways: paper + digital
  • Find a balance between a multichannel solution, responsiveness and a compliant archiving policy
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Functions and uses

Performing the analysis with care

Identifying the most sensitive mail flows, load breaks, losses of information, etc.


Stabilise the business case

Reformulating the aim for the digital transformation of your processes and describe quick wins that will act as milestones for your progress.


Making undertakings based on recommendations

Specifying the prescribed solution: possible scenarios, categorise contents, sharing rules, KPI, SLA, 24 hour a day customer information, pull method.


Assisting with the transformation

Reassurance regarding initial falls in productivity. Communicating about the participants' successes. Speeding the transformation of roles and responsibilities.


Coordination and continuous improvement

Managing the switch from paper to digital and smoothing the customer pathway.