Employee files management and electronic archiving

Employee files management

and electronic archiving

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Digitising employee files is an essential step to facilitate the management of flows relating to employees, and ensure the compliance of the archiving of HR documents.
Tessi HR digitises, secures and smooths out the management of employee files to offer better service to managers and employees.

  • Digitising and centralising documents all throughout the employees career
  • Facilitating sharing employee documents for HR departments
  • Ensuring compliant archiving of documents and employee files
  • Automating monitoring and alert processes for files (health checks, professional interviews, exhaustiveness, etc.)
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  • Save time and share information between all the HR departments
  • Save space and reduce costs by removing paper documents
  • Ensure the exhaustiveness and accessibility of documents
  • Guarantee the traceability of all of the flows related to digitised employee files
  • Electronic archiving for legal purposes
  • Secure access and data confidentiality
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Operational scope of the digitisation of employee files

Receiving flows

Receiving physical and electronic flows, cleaning, checking compliance checks and managing rejects


Multichannel capture

Industrial scale digitisation of paper flows, capturing electronic flows, processing images, batching backing, transferring files


Processing documents

Automatic Data Reading/Automatic Document Recognition, classification, indexing, inspection, video coding, traceability, exporting files for EDM and electronic


Management and work flow

Modelling the employee file, filing plan, work flow for exhaustiveness and management alerts


Electronic archiving

Timestamping, signature, filing, archiving for legal purposes, standardised management of access and proof, life cycle and log



Architecture duplicated on two sites, redundant infrastructure, IT continuity plan, secure access and CCTV monitoring 24 hours a day


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Employee files management and electronic archiving

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In accordance with the law « IT and freedoms », you have the right to access, oppose, rectify, delete and portability of your personal data. You can exercise your right by contacting the Tessi Group Data Protection Officer (by email: dpo.tessi@tessi.fr or mail: Tessi - 45 rue Saint Jean de Dieu - 69007 Lyon).

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