Digital Mail-room and mail hub

Digital Mail-room

and mail hub


Managing, organising, distributing, etc. the activities of a mail-room often involve peaks of activity that need to be managed in a few hours. Tessi's Digital Mailroom makes the distribution of your information flows smooth and secure, and optimises the management of your mail-room.

  • Methodology and analysis of the flows
  • Industrial capacity for the digitisation and capture of the incoming mail
  • Multichannel paper and electronic management
  • Secure digital hosted solution
  • The service can be outsourced to Tessi or managed on your premises
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  • Mail is distributed and shared three times more quickly
  • Information is accessible anywhere 24 hours a day
  • Save space and free up areas in your premises
  • Make incoming flows secure and traceable
  • A hosted solution: no load on your information system
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Functions and uses

Reception of the mail

Flashing, opening and digitisation of paper flows. Collection and integration of electronic flows (fax, email, attachments, etc.).


Capture and indexing

Categorisation and indexing by business type: claims, accounting, legal, customer service, etc.



Automated routing of incoming mail and distribution to users' electronic in-trays.


Electronic archiving

Consultation and processing by users. Electronic archiving according to a filing plan.


Monitoring and optimisation

Measure the required improvements and optimisation by business sector and targets. Studying progressive solutions towards 'zero paper'.


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