Management back office and services operation

Management back office

and services operation


Providing a high quality customer experience means managing customer processes Front-to-Back using an ever more integrated approach. Tessi uses its experience to optimise the efficiency of administration, professional and payment back offices.

  • Administrative management of orders or invoices
  • KYC verifications and back office activation
  • Payment, recovery and management of outstanding amounts
  • Vast experience in management flows and back office processes
  • Specific systems that can be deployed on a Tessi site or in departments
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  • 20% increases in productivity by outsourcing support functions
  • 25% less unpaid invoices thanks to electronic invoicing and payments
  • Planning for peaks in activity due to regulatory developments
  • More than 600 experts in administrative and financial back office processes
  • We work with more than 70 banking, insurance, health cover and utility provider customers
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Functions and uses

Multichannel customer relationships

Business Services, Customer Services, Operation Services: integrated Front-to-Back services that create value.


Digital transformation

Customer pathway, digital marketing, social networks: innovative services for a new customer experience.


Multichannel campaigns

Management letters, marketing campaigns, email, SMS, telephone, online etc. over-arching solutions for a multichannel customer relationship.


Assistance and training

Guidance to optimise processes and operations, and targeted training that leads to qualifications for high performing teams.


Data analytics

Innovative solutions for a 360° view of your customers.


100 % made in France

Services and customer contact centres that are deployed exclusively in France.


100% customised

A top of the range and personalised customer relationship that is adapted to your sector and regulatory environment.


100% Return On Investment

Customer satisfaction focussed KPI to optimise the customer pathway.


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