Managerial documents and transactional flows

Managerial documents

and transactional flows

Managerial documents and transactional flows

Managerial documents represent large amounts of outgoing correspondence, which means a high cost for companies. In order to optimise bulk campaigns, Tessi offers outsourced publishing services, through a high performance industrial tool, for an optimised consumables and franking budget, and secure production.

  • Management flows: invoices, account statements, regulatory letters, etc.
  • Industrial scale processing and pooling of the flows
  • Inspections of the integrity and completeness
  • Back-up production operation on several sites
  • Storage and archiving services
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  • Reduction of franking costs by 20 to 30%
  • Reducing the budget for consumables
  • Controlled production and secure postage
  • Full online traceability and reporting
  • Refocus on your core business
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Functions and uses

Electronic distribution of files

In flat or layered format.


Computer processing

Conditioning, batching, postal sorting and allocation of enveloping codes.


Printing the documents

Page by page, continuous, single page, front and back, black, two or four colour.



The contract is displayed online to be read and validated by the customer, electronic signature (tablet computer or SMS code).


Franking and posting

Industrial scale franking by pooling the flows and posting.


Monitoring and traceability

Reporting by batch, by envelope, with traceable events.


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