Mobile capturing of supporting documents

Mobile capturing

of supporting documents

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Collecting and inspecting supporting documents can be a breaking point in the digital subscription pathway. The Tessi Mobile ID application allows your customers to photograph their ID documents and check them instantly with their mobile phone. Your back office services become more productive and your customer pathway is optimised.

  • A mobile application that can be downloaded from the application stores or the subscription portal
  • The image is captured and the consistency checks are performed on the mobile phone
  • Communication with the subscription portal
  • An independent solution or a mobile application to work with Tessi Contract
  • A solution that can be integrated into or work with any portal
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  • A seamless subscription pathway thanks to a 100% digital approach
  • Flexible inspections and entry into a digital identity file
  • Increase in back office productivity
  • Application available on smartphones and tablet computers
  • User friendly
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Functions and uses

Account opening requests

The customer fills in a mobile subscription contract from the provider's portal.


Downloading the application

The Tessi MOBILE ID application can be downloaded from the app' stores or the subscription portal.


Synchronisation with the portal

The supporting documents are uploaded using the online portal or a mobile application and the completion of the file is monitored in real time.


Capturing the supporting documents

Supporting documents are captured using a smartphone or tablet computer. They are checked instantly on the device in order to ensure that the captured document


Exchanges with the portal

The validated documents are sent to the portal to add to the file and continue the customer pathway.


Signature and finalisation of the process

The signed contract and the digital supporting documents are archived for legal purposes.


Download the documentation
Mobile capturing of supporting documents

Complete the form to download the documentation


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