Market and legal information monitoring

Market and legal

information monitoring

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Deregulation, payment incidents, fraud, new intake, etc. There are many risks that mean that companies need to better protect their business using monitoring and prevention solutions. Tessi Legal Info offers companies a responsive monitoring service for all the legal events that could affect your business.

  • Legal information from legal bulletins (BODACC in France)
  • Legal information from registries and regional sources (ANTE-BODACC in France)
  • Court cases, removals, creations, winding-up, etc.
  • More than 3 million announcements recorded per year in France
  • More than 4 million addresses monitored every day
  • 150,000 alert sheets sent per year
  • An ISO 9001 certified solution that is used by many banks
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  • Exhaustive data that is compared and verified
  • Information available before the official publication
  • Quick and configurable online browsing
  • Alert and notification services regarding major risks
  • A resource that can easily be integrated into a larger monitoring system
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Functions and uses

Configuring the service

Study of needs and the context. Objectives covered. Intended use and feedback on experience.


User accounts and access

Provision of access codes. Definition of selection criteria and configuration of the services. Test and settings.


Online research and consultation

Research and consultation using keywords and full text search for information about a file, a relationship or a defined scope.



Service for the automatic and periodic distribution of announcements by email, monitoring of the search parameters or predefined events.


Monitoring and alerts

Service for monitoring and alerts prepared by comparing a list of your professional contacts with our legal information data base.


Additional services

Additional bespoke solutions and services available on option as BPO services.


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