Multichannel capturing and digitisation

Multichannel capturing

and digitisation

image-Dématérialisation et capture multicanal

Letters, SMS, e-mails, online forms, calls, etc. There are an ever greater number of communication media. For quick and functional operation by professional applications there is only one solution: industrialisation. Tessi Document automates the capture of incoming paper or electronic flows, manages traceability and ensures the compliance of processing.

  • Multichannel reception and capture: paper, SMS, email, online, mobile, voice
  • 300 million pages captured and processed every year
  • Automated reading and indexing using automated document recognition and reading technologies
  • Traceability and management of flows, events and participants in processing
  • Exports to the business IS and EDM solutions or electronic archiving
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  • 20% to 30% increases in the productivity of flow management
  • 30% reduction in processing costs
  • Converging and unifying flows to the IS to optimise processing
  • An ISO 9001 certified, outsourced industrial scale service
  • Compliant with the regulatory framework
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Functions and uses

Receiving incoming flows

Flashing, opening and preparing paper flows. Collection and acknowledgement of receipt for electronic flows.


Preparation /

Scheduling paper flows before digitisation. E-preparation of emails, attachments and images from remote digitisation.



Bulk digitisation of paper flows.


Automated categorisation and indexing

Automated reading, extraction and sorting of documents using Automatic Data Reading and Automatic Document Recognition engines. Checking and enrichment using vi


Export and Archiving

Automated export of data and images to the business line IS and EDM solution. Paper flows are returned to the third party archiver.


Traceability and monitoring of flows

Detailed monitoring of the processing chain for flows and events. Reporting and production supervision tools.


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