Online subscription and electronic contracts

Online subscription

and electronic contracts

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Optimising the subscription pathway is a major challenge for companies in terms of the new customer experience. Tessi Contract allows you to speed your contracting processes using electronic signatures and a multichannel, secure solution. Your sales performance rises as your processing costs fall.

  • Cross channel solution: front office through branches, at home, mobile, and interactive terminals
  • Legal compliance: electronic signature and electronic archiving for legal purposes
  • Personalisation of the customer pathway
  • Multichannel collection and inspection of supporting documents
  • A secure solution in SaaS mode
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  • Accelerating the sales cycle and commercial performances
  • 30% reduction in processing costs
  • Increases in productivity and reliable back office controls
  • Faster activation of the services subscribed to
  • Improved customer satisfaction
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Functions and uses

Subscription requests

The customer fills in the online subscription form to activate their personal area and receives their login.


Creation of the customer area

A notification email is sent to the subscriber with their login and password in order to sign the contract.


Submitting supporting documents

The supporting documents are uploaded using the online portal or a mobile application and the completion of the file is monitored in real time.


Electronic signature of the contract

The contract is displayed online to be read and validated by the customer, electronic signature (tablet computer or SMS code).


Viewing the contract

The contract is available in the Customer Area and an email or SMS notification is sent for consultation.


Electronic archiving

Electronic archiving of the signed contract and the digital supporting documents for legal purposes.


Back office processing

Back office management of the file, conformity check for the documents, activation of the subscription.


Download the documentation
Online subscription and electronic contracts

Complete the form to download the documentation


Speeding the subscription pathway
using digital technology

Using an online subscription solution for motorway toll subscriptions is a success, customers immediately signed up!
See the customer case study
Speeding the subscription pathway <br>using digital technology

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