Outsourcing collections




Processing and banking collections is a major financial issue for credit providers. Tessi offers them an outsourced, industrial service for the collection, processing and banking of all types of payments. The speed, security and compliance of the processing are guaranteed.

  • ISO 20022 certified services and processing
  • TIPSEPA, cheque-coupons, prepaid vouchers, SEPA mandates, etc.
  • Logistics for banking collections: lock-box, fulfilment, banking or interbank exchange of truncated cheques
  • Collaborative work flow, processing rejects, archiving
  • Support service for the creditor
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  • 100% of collections received and banked on the same day
  • Optimal recovery lead-times for recovery by creditors
  • Traceability and security for values
  • Automatic correspondence to update accounts
  • Faster management of outstanding payments
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Functions and uses

Receiving flows

Reception, sorting, opening envelopes and preparing batches according to the rules for each business line.


Capturing data

Digitisation and backing of paper flows: RIB, TIPSEPA, cheques, invoice coupons or associated contracts.


Sorting and indexing documents

Automated reading and extraction using automated document recognition and reading technologies. Correction by video coding.


Processing and banking

Creation of collection files for transfer to the bank (TLMC, SEPA format).


Exports to the customer

Transmission of collection connection files, outstanding amounts, files for forecasts and treasury reporting sent to the customer.


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