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customer invoices

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Tessi Invoice is fully compliant with the new tax regulations in France to ensure the switch to electronic invoices for customer transactions. Order to Cash processes are automated end-to-end, the traceability of invoices is optimised, and the costs of printing and archiving are eradicated.

  • Different formats for electronic invoices: EDI, PDF signed and qualified, etc.
  • The management of the audit trail and tax compliance have been confirmed by a legal opinion
  • Interoperable with ERP and SEPA payment solutions
  • Electronic archiving for legal purposes
  • A platform hosted in SaaS mode
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  • 80% reduction in processing costs
  • 95% reduction in printing and archiving costs
  • Fewer disputes
  • Reduction in payment times
  • Traceability and compliance of the invoices
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Functions and uses

Invoicing data

There is an interface with the ERP to extract invoicing data to be converted into XML format.


Checking of the mandatory legal notices

Verification of the presence of the 14 mandatory legal notices in France and any specific professional references.


Creation of the original invoice

Drafting of the original invoice according to the customer's required format. Electronic signature for archiving.


Management file and audit trail

Creation of a compliant audit trail for all the invoices issued. Centralisation of the documents in a management file.


Issuing invoices

Drafting and issuing of invoices according to the format required by the customer: EDI, signed RGS** qualified PDF, simple PDF, paper invoice.


Electronic archiving for legal purposes

The original invoice is kept in the company's digital safe for the legally required period.


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Paperless customer invoices

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