Prevent fraud and money laundering

Preventing fraud

and money laundering


Mobility and digital channels are increasing the speed of subscription and payment pathways. Increasing KYC inspections is becoming essential in preventing the risks of fraud. With Tessi, you can secure your subscription and payment processes, whilst fulfilling your due diligence duties.

  • Automated extraction and algorithms for cross-referencing data
  • Checks for the compliance and the exhaustiveness of the documents provided
  • Scenarios and automation of check points according to the customer risk profile
  • Risk control and IT security approach
  • Coordinating KYC campaigns: Collection, Verification, Communication
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  • A structured and reliable response to your KYC obligations
  • Detect risks earlier in your customer process
  • The performance of agile and self-teaching systems
  • From the start of the business relationship
  • Outsource the service to Tessi or keep it on your premises
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Functions and uses

Checking documents and data

Checking the compliance of the documents collected. Extracting and verifying data. Checking the consistency of the data on the different documents.


Managing anomalies

Work flow for exchanges and alerts according to defined rules. Notifications of anomalies to the suspect person for correction.


Managing digital identities

Creating and storing verified digital profiles and identities. A legal process for collection, updating and verification.


Strong authentication, secure exchanges

Identification of the peripherals and applications including the strong authentication process based on the created profiles.


Compliance of consent

Checking acts of undertaking and handwritten signatures. Checking the supporting documents for electronic signatures.


Risk prevention
and management

Prior implementation of best practices with regard to IS security. Dynamic analysis of risks and behaviour monitoring.


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