Outsource the processing of your cheque flow

Outsource the processing

of your cheque flow

Traitement externalisé des flux chèques

In spite of the regular decrease in the use of cheques and the increasing use of other payment services, cheques still represent a large volume of payments. As a long-term partner of the banking sector, Tessi offers an optimised solution for processing all of the most popular payment methods in France.

  • 50% of the volume of cheques processed by Tessi
  • 4 million cheques per day are processed using the solution
  • Innovative solutions for digitisation at the source
  • Outsourced and industrial scale services
  • ISO 9001 certified processing chains
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  • Fully traceable flows
  • Processing is secure and complies with regulations
  • Constantly seeking to optimise costs
  • Ensuring a standard service used in all banks
  • The commitments of a provider of core outsourced services
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Functions and uses

Capture at the source

Digitisation of cheques paid into branches or in bulk mode: small customer scanner, self-service terminal, smartphone, central reader/sorter, etc.


Automatic reading and extraction

Automated reading and collection of the data on the cheque: amount, CMC7 code, customer name, etc.


Checking the images of cheques and video coding

Inspection, corrections and adjustments to the images of cheques using video coding of the data.


Management and traceability of the flows

Reporting and statistics of the processing carried out. Full traceability of the operations and the flows



Industrial scale processing of physical flows, reconciliation with the images of the cheques for validation before presentation for payment.


Physical and digital archiving

Monitoring of flows, managing discrepancies, false accounts, complaints and duplicates. Monitoring solutions for acquisition and large creditors.


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