Digitising requests for social housing

"The digital solutions and multichannel capture services offered by Tessi, offer an innovative approach to meeting the needs and objectives of GIP SNE as part of the implementation of the Single File solution."

Denis Feuilloley  -  GIP SNE Director

The brief

GIP SNE is a French public interest consortium involving in particular the State (the Ministry responsible for housing) and the French Social Union for Housing (Union sociale pour l’Habitat – USH), which is responsible for managing the National System for Recording requests for social housing (Système National d’Enregistrement de la demande de logement social – SNE). It is chaired by the French Social Union for Housing.
The French ALUR Act imposed that supporting documents for requests for social housing must be recorded in the SNE, in order to create a Single Digital File for the requester and to make the supporting documents available to the social lessors.
GIP SNE chose Tessi’s solutions to build a multichannel service to input data into the SNE.

Our answer

Tessi implemented a platform to enable requesters of social housing to add to their files on the SNE and to allow the Recording Services to add to the requesters’ files digitally. The multichannel physical and digital flows are centralised and the traceability and monitoring are guaranteed. This service meets with quality and the processing lead-time commitments and makes it possible to reduce the costs of managing the Single File. Between 2 and 3 million documents are handled in this way per year.




  • Optimisation of management costs
  • Optimisation of processing lead-times
  • The reliability of the information transmitted
  • Traceability and smoothness of exchanges
  • Modernisation of the request for social housing
  • Digitisation and multichannel capture